Gerald R. Wagner, Ph.D. is the Founder and National President of the Academy of Culture Ambassadors. His career started as head of research statistics with a Fortune 50 company. From there he went to the University of Texas in Austin to be head of Operations Research/Industrial Engineering in the College of Engineering. While there he started his first software company. Later he joined the University of Nebraska in Omaha where is started the BSc. Degree in Information Technology Innovation. While at UNO he was also a Gallup Senior Scientist. During that time Gallup published their landmark book called Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements. It was that book that started him on his current path. You can find Jerry at

Stephanie Roob in Omaha is the President of the Omaha Chapter.  Steph is Director of Nutrition Services with QLI, the nation’s premier post-hospital brain and spinal cord rehabilitation facility located in Omaha, Nebraska. Stephanie is a member of QLI’s leadership team which focuses not just on clinical program expertise but implementation of a flat system,  employee empowerment, instilling curiosity and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  You can find Steph at


Dan McDonough dedicates his life work is to helping people and organizations achieve engagement, fulfillment and optimal health. He believes everyone deserves and should expect a flourishing life of purpose and meaning anchored by gratifying emotions, mastery experiences and intrinsic motivation. Dan currently serves as the National Director of Corporate Wellbeing at LiveAnew, Inc. directing the proprietary innovations to align wellbeing science and social networking technology for employer clients. For LiveAnew, Dan drives client acquisition and product delivery for the online and onsite health management services. You can find Dan at The Culture Ambassadors in Kansas City are shown here.

Kristin Robertsen is President of the Dallas Chapter.  She is an executive coach, company culture consultant and group facilitator who helps businesses transform their company culture, reduce operational costs, develop high potential employees and create productive teams.  She thrives in collaborative partnerships with her clients in which she can help build a high performance organizational culture and develop leadership bench strength. As an executive coach, Kristin works with executives and high potential managers to increase their self-awareness and leadership effectiveness. She is a skilled group facilitator who leads executive offsite meetings using group exercises that increase teamwork, self-awareness and leadership effectiveness.  You can find Kristin at

Angela Silverthorne is President of the Austin Chapter.  Angela likes to focus on building guanxi – a Chinese concept describing a network of meaningful connections. She works primarily with lawyers to help them understand clients’ goals, challenges and solutions. She also works with lawyers in developing their leadership skills, and business, financial and strategic acumen so they become well-rounded contributors to the law firm.

Angela considers herself lucky because her job reflects her personal belief about the world and the positive effects we can have when we are thoughtful, intentional and authentic in our relationships.  She enjoys getting to meet, learn from and collaborate with interesting and inspiring people every day.  You can find Angela at

Jerry Wagner is interim President for Denver.