Chapter News Bites

National from Jerry Wagner

As you can see, our web site has changed. The reason is to make it simple and right to the point.

I am giving a presentation about Culture Ambassadors on September 18 at the Hero conference. This is a big deal and I’m honored to have been invited.

The WISDOM conference in Santa Fe is a go. This is the most special event ever for those interested in state-of-the-art for workplace cultures. There are a few seats left but it looks like it will be sold out by October 3.

Dallas Chapter from Kristin Robertson

The DFW Culture Ambassadors had a great meeting at Improving’s offices in Plano last week.  Curtis Hite, CEO and Founder of Improving, shared how his company has built and sustained a great company culture.  Below are some photos from the meeting.

Date: Thursday, Nov 9, 2017
Time: 7:30 to 9:15 am
Location: The Michaels Companies (8000 Bent Branch Drive Irving, TX 75063, see map)

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next great event, called “How to Build a Great Culture.”  It’s a “Speed Learning” event which is a little like speed dating.  You will have the opportunity to spend 10 minutes with 5 leaders who are experts at building great company cultures.  During each Speed Learning round, the leader will give a short introduction after which you can ask your burning questions about how to build great cultures.


Denver Chapter from Jerry Wagner

Photos from the Denver Chapter meeting on Conscious Capitalism.

Omaha Chapter from Stephanie Roob

The next Chapter meeting is with LinkedIn on September 18th from 7:30-9:00 am

On Aug 4th we are having a committee meeting to talk about LinkedIn and Google as well as start discussions for 2018. Committee members are:

Stephanie Roob
Director of Nutrition Services
QLI (7 times best place to work )

Lynette Campbell
VP of Organizational Development and Leaning
Farm Credit Services of America

Laurie Pieper
HR Director
Greater Omaha Chamber

Beth Schmidt
Director of Enterprise PMO
Mutual of Omaha

Kathy Swensen
Swensen & Associates


Kansas City Chapter

Dayton Moore, the Kansas City Royal’s General Manager drew a large crowd at the Culture Ambassadors meeting.