Chapter Leaders



Dan McDonough dedicates his life work is to helping people and organizations achieve engagement, fulfillment and optimal health. He believes everyone deserves and should expect a flourishing life of purpose and meaning anchored by gratifying emotions, mastery experiences and intrinsic motivation. Dan currently serves as the National Director of Corporate Wellbeing at LiveAnew, Inc. directing the proprietary innovations to align wellbeing science and social networking technology for employer clients. For LiveAnew, Dan drives client acquisition and product delivery for the online and onsite health management services. You can find Dan at The Culture Ambassadors in Kansas City are shown here.



Stephanie Roob is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist at QLI in Omaha. She has focused her career on the human approach, dedicating time to a variety of different populations including trauma patients, burn victims, pediatric bone marrow transplant recipients, and renal patients.

In 2005, Stephanie joined the staff at QLI, the nation’s premier provider of post-hospital brain and spinal cord injury rehabilitation and care. As the Director of Nutrition Services, she monitors the health and wellness of over 200 individuals who have suffered catastrophic injury or neuromuscular illness.

In her role, she also serves as a member of QLI’s leadership team, whose sole mission is to promote excellence through program development, the recruitment and retention of a positive and engaged staff and the cultural wellness of the organization and its 350+ employees of varying ages, education levels, cultural backgrounds and career goals.

The result of this leadership and commitment to culture has garnered numerous awards for Business Excellence, Leadership, and Innovation, including the distinction of being voted Best Place to Work in Omaha six times, the Best Place to work for the Advancement of Women, the Best Place to Work – Sustained Excellence Award and the Greater Omaha Chamber Business Excellence Award for Innovation. On top of this, QLI’s exceptional culture has led to incredible staff retention (turnover is 1/3 the national average for the industry) and unrivaled business outcomes.

Stephanie is a born mid-westerner and appreciates the depth of talent and commitment to community that Omaha has. Her passion for workplace culture and wellbeing has led her to her role with Culture AMBASSADORS. She is a devoted football fan and an amateur weight lifter who spends every free moment exploring the corners of the world with her husband and two children.



Jerry Wagner the founder of the Academy looks after the Denver Chapter.  During the past two years since the Academy began we have learned that what works in a city depends upon the culture of the city itself.  Chapters operate independently as volunteer entrepreneurial ventures. What works great in one city does not necessarily work well in another city.    Jerry is now experimenting with program ideas for Denver.  When that is solidified, a local President will take over who is a fit for the Denver style.



Kristin Robertson is a company culture consultant, a certified executive coach, speaker and group facilitator whose passion is to ensure your employees love to go to work on Monday mornings.  She works collaboratively with her clients to grow vibrant company cultures and improve the bottom line.

Company culture has always fascinated Robertson, as both a corporate executive and consultant.  She started her consulting practice assisting IT help desks and high technology call centers to streamline processes, follow best practices and create a great place to work.  This experience was a perfect prelude to her company culture work, giving her a strong foundation in operational processes and metrics.  According to Robertson, “If you can build a great culture in a call center, you can build it anywhere.”

Kristin has held numerous executive positions, consulted with companies such as Hewlett Packard, 7-Eleven, and Southwest Airlines to improve their leadership acumen and effectiveness.  She is a credentialed Professional Certified Coach and a trained spiritual director.

She trained as a classical musician in her youth and recently returned to playing viola in community and church orchestras.  She has two adult children, a devoted husband and an adorable poodle.



Angela Silverthorne focuses on building guanxi – a Chinese concept describing a network of meaningful connections. She works primarily with lawyers to help them understand clients’ goals, challenges and solutions. She also works with lawyers in developing their leadership skills, and business, financial and strategic acumen so they become well-rounded contributors to the law firm.

Angela considers herself lucky because her job reflects her personal belief about the world and the positive effects we can have when we are thoughtful, intentional and authentic in our relationships. She enjoys getting to meet, learn from and collaborate with interesting and inspiring people every day.