The following is a summary to introduce the Academy of Culture Ambassadors. The Academy is a community of socially minded workplace culture professionals that advocate whole person cultures with a spirit of sharing. We love hearing from viewers with questions, comments, and suggestions.

Culture Ambassador Meetings.

Meeting locations, times, and content are decided by each city chapter.  A typical format is to meet quarterly from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and at a different host company each time. The host company’s provide meeting space, breakfast and a presentation about their company culture. Meetings are interactive events and not a speaker with a boring Power Point deck. There is no fee to attend.

Every Company Needs a Culture Council.

Within company “Culture Councils” are “cousins” of Culture Ambassadors Chapters.  Culture Ambassadors Chapters are about employee activities external to the their company – external networking with like minded people and learning about cultures in host company’s.   Culture Councils are about employees identifying, researching, planning, and implementing culture projects internal to the company.  Most company’s today have a wellness committee and it is a natural path for them to become a part of a broader Culture Council that not only has events and activities but also input to company wide policies and decisions that affect people. We have published examples of Councils to review.

Groundwork for Great Cultures.

This one day retreat is a straight forward results oriented event for company’s on their quest to achieve a great workplace culture via the “three legged stool”, i.e., values, behaviors, and beliefs.  It is for creating a solid foundation to build upon.  There is no fluff or theory. It is pure practically for building the three legs.  This retreat is most valuable when the “legs” are still wobbly or not even existing.  But it can also be valuable as a refresher for a company that has an established culture program.  There is a free e-book with details about the process.

Wisdom for Modern Workplaces.

This retreat  is for 75 wise and bright minds that are influencing positive workplace cultures.   This interactive event is not a series of bobbing heads with PowerPoint decks and all speakers are with us both days as participants.  There are no “tracks” so you are not forced into choosing what to attend.   Let Jerry know if you want to reserve  a seat for 2018 with no obligation.  You will not receive an invoice.  On about April 1, 2018 you will be asked to register or cancel your reservation.

Monthly Newsletter.

What was formerly called “Culture Role Models” is now folded into the monthly newsletter. We have so many great pieces to pass along and we needed a larger “container” all in one place. Thus, the newsletter. We would love for you to subscribe.

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